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Product Information

  • Description: Heat Treated Pallet
  • Product ID: A1210A
  • Dimensions: Custom built
  • Material: Tropical Hard Woods
  • Weight Average: Heat Treated Pallet

Heat Treated Pallet

Ensure Compliance with Certified Heat Treating

International Regulation – ISPM 15
Due to international regulations, heat treatment is an increasing concern for companies shipping products using wood pallets. The international export standard, ISPM 15, requires that all wood packaging material be heat-treated at a core temperature of 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes. This regulation eliminates the presence of pests found in wood thereby protecting crops and forests in other parts of the world

Certification is Necessary for Compliance
Our IPPC certification allows us to stamp all heat-treated pallets in compliance
with ISPM 15.

Why Choose Heat-Treated Over Chemically-Treated Pallets
Heat treatment is the safest method to comply with ISPM 15. The other method to treat wood products from pests is fumigation with the chemical methyl bromide. Here in the Nigeria it is not allowed to use methyl bromide because its toxicity. In addition, scientific assessments indicate that methyl bromide contributes significantly to the destruction of earth's stratospheric ozone layer. Because of the risks involved with this chemical process we find heat treatment of pallets to be a much safer alternative. Please contact us to learn more about heat treatment options.