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Product Information

  • Description: Notcher, Full 4 way entry
  • Product ID: A1210A
  • Dimensions: 100 x 120 cm
  • Material: Tropical Hard Woods
  • Weight Average: 28 - 30 Kg


Solid Construction *Provides strength for safe handling of heavy loads.
Quality Material *All Wood used in Armada Pallets is kiln dried which makes it less prone to deflection and breakage.
*Provides durability handling, storage and transit.
Consistent Specification

*Suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities
◊ Fewer conveyor and palletizer jams
◊ Increased safety in racking environments
◊ Reduced need for packaging
◊ Less damage to products–and zero retailer rejections
◊ No need to sort pallets upon delivery
*Reduced dwell time and storage costs.
Compatibility *4 way entry can be used with all standart equipment.
Consistent Availlability *Ensures no delay in production at times of rainy season or unexpected demand.
Environmentally Friendly *All Logs used in Armada Pallets is responsibly forested lumber.
*Our repair service maintain them to prolong their useful life.
*Armada pallets provides more efficent stacking and transportation which can reduce fuel costs and reduce your company's carbon footprint.


Wood new quality timber from a controlled selection of Tropical Hard Woods
Nails standart Nails and complies with world Legistration on heavy metal content
Type 25/65
Quantity 68
Weight Average 28 -30 kg
Performance A genaral purpose pallet can be used safely for most applications in the distribution,storage and transport all over Nigeria and Africa.
Nominal Load Capacity Armada recommends a max rating of 1500-1750 kgs as a safe working load and not exceed 6500 kgs when stacking loaded pallets on a solid surface.
Pallet Nomenclature All Assembled pallets will be labelled with vendors Logo, Buyers logo, production month and year.
Materials Handling Practices
Maximise the use of the pallet surface Minimise lifting from the undersides of the skids Rack the pallets under the outside of the blocks
Pallets are inspected and repaired by Armada in accordance with our guarantee and quality control policy.